A: If you want to customize the special slip ring model, you need provide details as below:

1.operating speed(RPM)

2.the type of installation

3.installation size

4.channels(the No. of single wire besides cable)

5.rated voltage & current for power rings and signal rings

6.the signal type and related

parameters(very important)

7.operating temperature h.IP(sealing requirements)

A: It needs 7 to 15 days for standard products, 10 to 20 days for simple customized products,15 to 40 days for complex customized products.

A:Robots are designed according to the requirements of the respective production situation. This often requires multi-axis systems that move the production material to the predefined positions. The Ingiant slip rings have been designed to transmit the power and data of the individual drives and to connect the sensors in all sections of the robot arm. Fast rotation speeds, maintenance-free design, high temperature resistance and extremely compact dimensions are the distinguishing features of our Ingiant slip rings.

A:Slip rings are generally found in most electromechanical machines and are a very versatile product. They are mainly used in crane technology, filling systems, packaging machines, medical technology and robots.

A:Slip rings play an important role in creating a continuous electrical connection between a static and a rotating system. Therefore, slip rings allow the transmission of power and data from static sources to a moving part.

A: Our delivery port is Jiujiang, China Mainland

A: Usually small orders can be delivered by air, big orders can be delivered by sea. It can be negotiated before delivering.

A:The service life of the slip rings is individually adapted to customer applications. Ingiant basically offers three different qualities: 1. Quality S (Standard), 2. I (Industrial) and 3. P (Premium). Together with our customers, we determine the desired quality for our customers. In general, a service life of up to one billion revolutions is possible.

A:At Ingiant, in addition to the transmission of electrical energy, we offer solutions for the transmission of optical fibers, signals and fieldbuses such as 100 BaseT Ethernet in rotating systems. In addition to our data-transmitting slip rings, there are also slip ring solutions that enable the transmission of compressed air and gases through appropriate rotary unions.

A:Slip rings offer very reliable, maintenance-free and low-wear energy, signal and data transmission. This means that your Ingiant slip rings do not require maintenance.