The use of RF rotary joints offers several benefits, making them an indispensable component in many systems:

1. Uninterrupted Signal Transmission: RF rotary joints ensure seamless connectivity between rotating and fixed parts, allowing for continuous signal transmission without any loss or degradation.

2. Reduced Wear and Tear: By using RF rotary joints, the need for slip rings or other mechanical connections is eliminated. This reduces friction and wear on the rotating components, increasing their lifespan.

3. Compact Design: RF rotary joints are designed to occupy minimal space, making them suitable for applications where size constraints are crucial.

4. High-Frequency Capabilities: These joints are capable of handling high-frequency signals, making them ideal for applications that require a wide bandwidth.

In conclusion, RF rotary joints are a crucial component in systems that involve rotating parts and require uninterrupted signal transmission. With their ability to maintain a continuous electrical and mechanical connection, these joints ensure seamless connectivity and reliable data transfer. As technology continues to advance, RF rotary joints will play an increasingly vital role in enhancing connectivity in rotating systems.

Ingiant Radio Frequency slip ring

RF rotary joint support radio frequency/high frequency/coaxial rotating transfer, it’s used in the 360° continuous rotation devices to transfer DC~40GHz high frequency signals.

Apply for satellite Antenna, vehicle, radar, Microwave antenna test bench….etc, it can support single-channel or multi-channels, high frequency for transmission, also support 1~2 channel DC~50GHz RF signals, communication, 1~96 circuits power or signals supply, fluid mixing transmission medium.

High frequency signal is used by 50Ω impedance of RF coaxial structure. for others connector can be switching, and lead wire RG178、RG316、RG174 available.


Ingiant provide RF rotary joint combine with electric signal/data/power solution, and it also can be combined with pneumatic and hydraulic, for multi purpose.

With professional experienced R & D designers, for make customized slip ring per different types of demands, product have high quality and long working lifespan.

Rotating parts contact material is gold, to ensure the high accuracy of signal and data transfer, 10 people QC team will doing test for every piece of product, make sure the product 100% meet with customer standard before delivery.

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