Application of slip ring in energy saving and emission reduction                                                   – slip ring and new type oil press

     Traditional machinery is generally heavy, inefficient, high-energy consumption and other shortcomings. How to upgrade these equipment to make it lighter, more efficient, and lower energy consumption is the goal and pursuit of every worker in the machinery industry.

      The conductive slip ring is a new type of component for traditional machinery. Compared with the long history of traditional machinery, the slip ring is only a few decades old, especially the precision slip ring is only about a decade old.

      Ingiant Technology continues to promote and support the transformation of traditional machinery to make it more functional, low energy consumption and more efficient.. 

      Two months ago, Ingiant Technology and a well-known domestic oil press machinery company jointly developed a new type of oil press using conductive slip rings, which greatly improved the utilization rate of heat energy. Under the same output, the energy consumption decreased by more than 30%, responding to the national call for green energy conservation and emission reduction, reducing users’ production costs and making their products more competitive.

     The oil plants need to be baked before oil pressing, so as to dehumidify and improve the oil yield. In traditional oil pressing machinery, baking is around the furnace body, the electric heating device is not moving, and the furnace with oil crops is rotating constantly, so that the oil crops are evenly heated. This method uses a heating device to heat the hopper first, and then the hopper transfers heat to the oil crops. It has the disadvantages of large volume, low heating efficiency, uneven baking, etc., and it is inconvenient to measure the temperature of oil crops.

     The new oil press machine uses the heat-resistant conductive slip ring specially designed by our company. The heating device is placed inside the furnace body, which greatly improves the heating efficiency and reduces the use cost.

     The slip ring is installed on the rotating shaft, the rotor part is locked with the rotating shaft, the stator part is connected to the power supply, the rotor lead is directly connected to the electric wire, the rotor and the electric wire rotate with the rotating shaft at the same time, the hopper with oil crops also rotates with the rotating shaft, and the rolling oil crops receive direct radiation, convection and conduction from the electric heating device, greatly improving the heating efficiency.

     At the same time, a temperature sensor detection path is added to the slip ring. The thermocouple signal passes through the slip ring system to accurately control the temperature in the bucket so as to control the next step of operation. The thermocouple slip ring lays the foundation for the subsequent realization of full automation.

     The conductive slip ring of Ingiant Technology continues to make efforts for the transformation of traditional machinery in electric excavators, oil presses, etc.

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