How to choose explosion-proof conductive slip ring manufacturers?

      Explosion-proof conductive slip rings are required in dangerous places such as petroleum, coal mines, spraying, etc. that meet the explosive gas environment and explosive dust environment. Explosion-proof conductive slip rings are high-safety, high-reliability conductive slip rings.

      Traditional conductive slip rings mostly focus on electrical performance, and the protection performance is relatively weak. Therefore, the use of non-explosion-proof conductive slip rings is a major safety hazard in explosive environments.

      When purchasing an explosion-proof slip ring, the customer needs to provide requirements for the slip ring, such as explosion-proof grade, number of channels, and electrical performance. The common explosion-proof levels are dⅡCT4, EExdIICT5 and so on.


      Finally, we must choose a regular manufacturer of explosion-proof conductive slip rings, not only to ensure the safety and quality of explosion-proof slip rings during the customization process, but also to ensure the correct installation, use and maintenance of slip rings, and to improve after-sales service, so as to truly achieve the purpose of explosion-proof.

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