Features and application fields of ultra-high speed slip rings

      High Speed Slip Ring  is a rotary joint specially used to transmit high-speed (usually above 10,000 rpm) rotating signals and power. It usually consists of two parts, the rotor and the stator. The rotor part is attached to the rotating part, and the stator is fixed in the body.

The reliability of high speed slip rings can be improved from the following aspects:

       1. Select high quality materials: high speed slip rings need to resist strong friction and wear caused by high speed rotation, so it is very important to choose high-strength and high-wear-resistant materials. For example, high-strength materials such as metal composite materials and carbon fibers are used;

        2. Design reasonable working conditions: high speed slip rings need to work stably in the environment of high-speed rotation and long-term operation, so it is necessary to design reasonable working conditions according to actual needs, such as appropriate load, speed and temperature, etc., to avoid overload and overload High temperature occurs;

       3. Strict manufacturing and testing standards: The manufacturing and testing quality of high speed slip rings will directly affect its reliability, so it is necessary to strictly follow the corresponding standards for manufacturing and testing, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, GJB standards and other standards;

       4. Regular maintenance and maintenance: INGIANT Technology reminds that high speed slip rings will suffer from wear and aging after long-term operation. Regular maintenance and maintenance are required to replace damaged parts in time to ensure long-term stable operation.

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