Features of Forklift Hydraulic Slip Ring Seals

      When moving goods, you can often see forklifts coming and going. There is an important part in a forklift called a slip ring. Hydraulic slip rings are used in forklifts, and special attention needs to be paid to the sealing effect. Next, the slip ring manufacturer Ingiant Technology will talk about the characteristics of forklift hydraulic slip ring seals.

      Hydraulic slip rings use the pressure generated by the hydraulic medium fluid flow to rotate the equipment, with small pressure losses in the process. Forklift hydraulic slip rings can be divided into four types according to different structures, namely flat surface, tapered pipe thread, conical surface and conical surface plus O-ring seal.

      The flat sealing method of hydraulic slip ring is mainly divided into combined gasket and O-ring seal. Among them, combined washers are mainly divided into hinge bolts. Three parts: hinge joint and combination washer. This hydraulic slip ring flat sealing method has the advantage of easy installation, but the gasket is easily damaged during use, causing the hydraulic slip ring to malfunction.

      The O-ring seal has better safety sealing and is more practical, but the O-ring seal is prone to aging and deformation, so those who use this sealing method need to replace the O-ring seal frequently.


      The structure of the tapered pipe thread sealing hydraulic slip ring has low cost and simple structure. It is mostly used in low-pressure working environments. However, the tapered pipe thread sealing method requires high processing accuracy and requires special attention to the production level of the manufacturer.

      The cone seal relies on the contact line, contact zone and contact surface to cut off the hydraulic oil. This method has good sealing performance and high reliability, but it requires the material hardness of the joint and hose, the coaxiality of the cone surface and the thread, and the processing accuracy. Have higher requirements.

      The sealing method of adding a sealing ring to the cone surface improves the sealing reliability of the hydraulic slip ring by adding a sealing ring to the cone surface. Ingiant Technology is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic slip rings. If you need hydraulic slip rings, please contact us.

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