Features of underwater robot slip rings

       In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, underwater robots have been widely used in fields such as ocean exploration, seabed resource development, and underwater rescue. As one of the important components of underwater robots, slip rings play a key transmission and control role. Below, slip ring manufacturer INGIANT Technology will introduce the characteristics of underwater robot slip rings and the reasons why these characteristics are needed.

      Among machines working underwater, high sealing must be the first priority. The working environment of underwater robots is complex, with problems such as high pressure, high humidity, and corrosion. As the electrical and signal transmission interface of underwater robots, slip rings need to have good sealing performance to ensure stable operation in harsh environments. Common slip ring seal materials include rubber seals, packing seals, liquid seals, etc. Different materials are suitable for different working environments.

      High transmission efficiency is indispensable. Underwater robot slip rings need to ensure low transmission loss and delay when transmitting power, signals and data. Therefore, slip rings need to have high transmission efficiency to provide stable and efficient energy and information transmission. In the design of slip rings, commonly used methods to improve transmission efficiency include reducing contact resistance and reducing the interference of slip rings on electrical signals.

      There are problems such as seawater corrosion in the working environment of underwater robots, so the slip ring needs to have certain corrosion resistance. Common anti-corrosion methods include the use of corrosion-resistant materials, surface coatings, etc. to extend the service life of slip rings and ensure their stable operation.

       The working environment of underwater robots is complex and changeable, which places high requirements on the reliability and stability of slip rings. The slip ring needs to be able to maintain stable transmission performance over a long period of time and have high anti-interference and anti-interference capabilities. In order to improve the reliability of slip rings, technical means such as dual-channel redundant design, fault detection and automatic repair can be used.

      Underwater robot slip rings have the characteristics of high sealing, high transmission efficiency, good corrosion resistance, reliability and stability. If you want to know more about underwater slip rings, please contact slip ring manufacturer INGIANT Technology.

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