How to choose the right filling machine slip ring

      How to choose a suitable filling machine slip ring? The slip ring manufacturer would like to tell you that when choosing a slip ring for a filling machine, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Medium type: According to the actual type of liquid or gas filled, select the appropriate slip ring material to ensure its corrosion resistance and sealing.
  2. Flow requirements: Based on the expected filling flow, select the appropriate slip ring size and number of channels to ensure that production needs can be met.
  3. Pressure requirements: According to the working pressure of the filling machine, select a slip ring with sufficient pressure resistance to ensure that it will not leak under high pressure.
  4. Operating environment: Consider the working environment of the filling machine and select a slip ring that is resistant to high temperature, low temperature, vibration or other special environmental requirements.

      The slip ring of the filling machine is a key equipment to ensure the normal operation of the filling machine. It plays an important role in stabilizing the transmission medium, maintaining continuous material supply and saving resources. Factors such as media type, flow requirements, pressure requirements and operating environment need to be considered when selecting a filling machine slip ring. Only by selecting the appropriate filling machine slip ring can the smooth operation of the production line and efficient filling be ensured.

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