LED rotating light slip ring Introduction to lighting slip rings

      Conductive slip rings are an important part of modern industrial systems. It is an indispensable device to prevent equipment entanglement and achieve 360° rotation conduction, signal transmission and gas-liquid transmission. If you pay attention, you can find conductive slip rings in various scenes around us. The slip ring manufacturer below will tell you about the LED rotating light slip ring.

      I believe everyone is familiar with LED rotating lights. They are widely used in various lighting occasions such as homes, shopping malls, shops, etc. for their fashion, energy saving, health, environmental protection and long life. According to the current LED rotating light, it is driven by the rotating shaft of the motor to rotate the light body. The speed is usually fast, and the internal wires are easy to get tangled. The fast rotating light can easily make certain customers feel dizzy. The use of conductive slip rings can solve the problem of wire tangles. .


       Why is it recommended to use disc slip rings for conductive slip rings used on LED revolving lights? Due to the height and lateral space of LED rotating lamps, there are installation restrictions. Yingzhi Technology disc slip ring is specially customized for equipment with narrow and limited axial installation space, and can adopt integral or separate slip ring structure according to needs.

      The LED rotary slip ring produced by INGIANT can be used to integrate IC chips and electronic components. It has high reliability and can transmit a variety of special signals. It is the perfect choice for instruments with little axial space. Yingzhi Technology is specially designed for LED rotating lighting equipment with low torque, low wear, low electrical noise and long life, and has been successfully used in stage lighting, rotating platforms, rotating light boxes and other fields.

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