Slip ring structure introduction

The slip ring structure consists of a stationary part, called the stator, and a rotating part, called the rotor. The stator contains a set of conductive rings, while the rotor has a set of brushes that make contact with the rings. The brushes and rings are made of conductive materials that allow the transfer of electrical current and signals. Slip rings are commonly used in applications such as wind turbines, robotics, and medical equipment. The structure of slip rings makes them an essential component in many machines that require continuous rotation while maintaining a connection to the power source.

Slip ring is a device connect automatic equipment stationary part to rotating part, slip ring has rotor and stator, the two parts are relative install. The function of slip ring is to solve signal/data/power rotation transfer for automatic equipment, it can well solve wire winding problems.

The inner structure of slip ring is metal bundle brush contact to metal ring, ring-ring seperated with insulators, it can keep slip ring 360℃ continous rotating and transfer electrical power at the same time.

Ingiant has a series of standard through hole slip rings, for those slip rings, we have made mold for it, the inner shaft is engineering plastic, it’s cost effective, and high performance.

Some customers have higher requirement for product quality, we will CNC metal shaft for them to achieve higher concentricity, longer lifespan, it’s all depends on customer requirements.


Ingiant metal bundle brushes and metal rings are made with special high conductive material, the brushes are precious metal alloy, and rings are precious metal plated. Regarding customer’s lifespan and working environment requirements, we will adjust the materials to meet with customer’s requirements.


Ingiant customized slip ring apply for various conditions, such as high temperature, high humidity, long lifespan, high speed, ship, radar, very small space, etc.

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