Slip rings for coating machines

      Conductive slip rings are used in coating machines. The reel control, nozzle system, oven temperature control, etc. all have requirements for 360-degree rotating operation to transmit power signals. During the production process of the coating machine, the coating machine slip ring transmits the control signals of the control system to each unit, which can prevent the lines from being entangled and twisted.

      The coating machine is mainly used for the surface coating process of films, papers, etc., which coats the rolled substrate with a layer of glue, paint or ink with a specific function, and then dries it and winds it up. It uses a dedicated multi-functional coating head, suitable for large-scale graphene, tape, coating, etc. The frequency converter system flexibly and coordinately controls the tension at all levels to achieve a highly uniform glue application medium.

                             Coating machine slip rings produced by Ingiant Technology

                 (All parameters can be customized according to customer requirements)

      In order to ensure the stable use and extend the life of the slip ring, the coater slip ring needs a certain level of protection to avoid corrosion of the slip ring due to the coated medium.

      The slip rings designed by Ingiant Technology for industrial bus transmission can realize optical fiber, Gigabit network, temperature, sensor signals and various power signals. The signal transmission is stable, the anti-interference ability is strong, and it has the advantages of long life and good stability.

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