Tower crane equipment slip ring construction site slip ring

      Slip rings are widely used in industrial equipment. Take construction sites as an example, machines and equipment containing slip rings can be seen everywhere. The slip ring manufacturer below will tell you about the slip rings commonly used in tower crane equipment in construction site slip rings.

      Towering cranes can be seen everywhere on construction sites. The tower cranes rotate their arms and the cranes operate to lift construction materials to designated locations. Unlike ordinary construction workers, the working status of tower crane drivers gives people a leisurely feeling. In fact, tower crane drivers not only need to work intensely and concentratedly, but also have to endure scorching heat and severe cold in extreme weather. Therefore, it is necessary to install air conditioning in the tower crane operating room to provide the driver with a more comfortable working environment and to ensure improved work efficiency. However, installing an air conditioner on a tower crane is not as simple as an external air conditioner on an ordinary large truck. Because the tower crane cab rotates 360° with the boom, there is relative rotation between the air conditioner and the power supply system. If ordinary line connections are used, stranded wires will wind up. line problem.

      There are crane slip rings in the tower crane pod and base. However, the collector rings cannot directly add air conditioning power supply channels. Therefore, when installing air conditioning lines, additional conductive slip rings are required to solve the problem of twisted wire winding. At the relevant position of the collector ring, a high-power conductive slip ring is used to connect the air conditioning circuit. The slip ring will rotate 360° to continuously provide current power to the air conditioner.

      Ingiant Technology has cooperated with a number of tower crane equipment manufacturers to develop high-power and high-current conductive slip rings dedicated to tower crane air conditioners. The conductive slip ring is made of the best materials and has a high IP protection level, so it is not afraid of the harsh working conditions outside the pod. Ingiant technology slip rings have a long service life, avoiding tedious maintenance, replacement and after-sales problems, and ensuring good line connections. For more information on conductive slip ring products and solutions, please contact Ingiant Technology, a professional conductive slip ring manufacturer.

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