Hoisting machinery is an indispensable part of modern production. Some hoisting machinery can also perform certain special process operations during the production process to achieve mechanization and automation of the production process. Hoisting machinery helps humans in their activities of conquering and transforming nature, enabling the hoisting and movement of large objects that were impossible in the past, such as the segmented assembly of heavy ships, the overall hoisting of chemical reaction towers, and the overall hoisting of steel roof trusses in sports venues. wait.

The use of lifting machinery has huge market demand and good economics. The heavy machinery manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of about 20%. Because in the production process from raw materials to products, the amount of materials transported by lifting and transportation machinery is often dozens or even hundreds of times the weight of the product.

Hoisting machinery is divided into: bridge cranes, gantry cranes, tower cranes, mobile cranes, portal cranes, elevators, cable cranes, mast cranes, and mechanical parking equipment.

Lifting machinery involves a large amount of rotation during operation, which requires a device that can transmit power and signals between rotating parts and fixed parts, and conductive slip rings are designed for this purpose. Here are some details about the application of conductive slip rings in crane trucks:

  • Wide application: Conductive slip rings are not only used in lifting machinery, but also widely used in other engineering machinery, such as excavators, pile drivers, etc.
  • Structural features: Electric slip rings are usually installed at the rotation center of the equipment and consist of two parts: rotating and stationary, which can achieve safe and stable transmission of electric energy.
  • Functional advantages: Compared with traditional cable transmission methods, electric slip rings have higher transmission efficiency and reliability.
  • Design considerations: When designing an electric slip ring, its wear-resistant and high-temperature-resistant materials need to be considered to ensure its stability and lifespan during work.
  • Performance improvement: Electric slip rings can not only improve the mechanical performance of the equipment and simplify system operation, but also avoid interference between the power ring and the signal ring through reasonable design.

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