Optoelectronic slip rings for tunnel boring machines

      Tunnel boring machines use photoelectric slip rings to transmit power and signals during construction.

      Tunnel boring machine (TBM) is a tunnel construction equipment that highly integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, sensing and information technology, and is used to realize continuous tunnel excavation. In this highly intelligent equipment, optoelectronic slip rings play a vital role, allowing the tunnel boring machine to transmit power and data signals between rotating and non-rotating parts without the need for physical connections.

Here are some details about slip rings used in tunnel boring machines:

  1. Function: The main function of the slip ring in the tunnel boring machine is to provide continuous current and data transmission to maintain the continuous operation of the machine while avoiding cable entanglement.
  2. Type: Depending on the different designs and needs of the tunnel boring machine, different types of slip rings may be used, such as Ingiant photoelectric slip rings, which can transmit optical signals and electrical signals at the same time.
  3. Advantages: Using slip rings can improve the efficiency and safety of tunnel boring machines because it allows the machine to rotate freely without being restricted by cables while maintaining a good electrical connection.
  4. Application scope: In large-scale shield machines (full-section tunnel boring machines), slip rings have been widely used. These machines are widely used in construction projects such as urban subways, railways, and highway tunnels.

      In general, the use of tunnel boring machines has greatly improved the speed, quality and safety of tunnel construction. As one of its key components, the slip ring ensures the efficient operation of the machine in complex environments. When selecting a slip ring, consider its performance parameters, durability and compatibility with other TBM systems.

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