Application of slip rings on cable drums

      Cable reels are also called cable reels or cable reels. With their small installation space, easy maintenance, reliable use and low cost, they are used to replace sliding conductors and become the field of mobile transmission (power, data and fluid media) mainstream solutions.

      To ensure that the cable line is always smooth, slip rings are indispensable. According to the different installation methods of conductive slip rings, they are divided into three structures: internal slip ring type, external slip ring type and cantilever type. Among them, the internal slip ring type has a compact structure and beautiful appearance; the external slip ring type is easy to maintain; the cantilever is suitable for coiling long and heavy cables.

1.Built-in slip ring

This type of cable drum is generally installed horizontally. As the name implies, the slip ring is installed inside the central axis of the cable drum.

2.External slip ring type

It is usually suitable for situations where cable specifications are frequently changed, or when multiple cables share a drum. The slip ring is installed on the side of the cable drum along the axial direction, and there is usually a protective shell on the outside. The structure of the slip ring is easy to replace.

3.Slip ring cantilever type

The conductive slip ring of this type of cable drum is installed in the base and installed along the axial direction. The cantilever position is the drum part. This type is suitable for situations where the space is large and the cable is long and heavy. It is often used in cranes of port machinery. .

      The above are 3 common types of conductive slip rings that can be used. In addition, there are also those used under special working conditions, such as explosion-proof slip rings used in explosive environments, high-current slip rings used for high-power current transmission, electro-hydraulic integrated combination products, etc. Ingiant has a variety of solutions to choose from.

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