Slip ring applications in construction machinery

     Slip rings, as the name suggests, are rotating “electric rings”, or “collecting rings”, “rotating electric rings”, and “rotating shunts”. It is an electrical device used as a rotating connection device to separate the rotating part from the fixed part and transmit rotating signals. In construction machinery, slip rings are used in many application scenarios, such as tower cranes, concrete pump trucks, excavators, loaders, graders, etc. all need to use slip rings.

      As one of the core components of engineering machinery, slip rings play an irreplaceable role in the process of transmitting power and signals. Taking an excavator as an example, it consists of a traveling mechanism, a slewing mechanism, a control mechanism, a power mechanism, an electrical system and a hydraulic system. Slip rings are needed between these different systems to realize current transmission.

      Due to the harsh working environment, such as high temperature, high dust, high humidity, strong earthquakes, etc., the performance requirements for slip rings are getting higher and higher. Not only that, the slip ring also needs to work stably for a long time and at high frequency, so special materials and manufacturing processes are used for it.

      There are many types of slip rings. They can be divided into AC slip rings and DC slip rings according to the type of signal transmission. They can be divided into multi-channel slip rings and single-channel slip rings according to the amount of power transmitted. They can also be divided into slip rings according to their usage environment. High temperature resistant slip rings, low temperature resistant slip rings, corrosion resistant slip rings, etc.

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