Choose horizontal or vertical slip ring for CT machine

      CT scans are comprehensive and can examine major organs and various parts of the body, including small structures such as blood vessels and intestines. Spiral CT uses X-ray technology to obtain health information through computer processing through the human body’s different absorption rates of X-rays. Its core component is the slip ring, which transmits instructions and collects data, and is used to rotate, emit X-rays and transmit the results. Modern spiral CT mostly uses low-pressure slip ring technology.

      There are two low-voltage slip ring technologies that should be considered when purchasing CT: horizontal and vertical. The horizontal type is difficult to maintain and has high requirements, but the vertical type avoids these problems. When the price is the same, it is wiser to choose the vertical type. Carefully compare performance before purchasing to ensure a clear understanding in order to obtain quality service and return on investment. Please contact us if you need medical equipment slip rings~

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