Slip Ring Marine Cable Winch

      When ships are in use, they often need to dock at docks and use shore power. The AGC series slip ring marine cable winch is a new product specially designed for retracting and retracting shore power cables. Our factory has independently developed it since 1996. After many improvements, it has now become a relatively mature product and has been successfully used in full-rotation tugs, harbor tugs, container ships, offshore oil multi-functional guard ships, and naval landings. ships, degaussing ships, anti-smuggling boats, patrol boats and other types of ships.

     There are two types of traditional cable winches. One is a slip ring-less winch, and the other is an end-face slip ring winch. The former can only be used to store cables, and the cables still need to be disassembled or connected when retracting and unwinding them; the latter uses end slip rings and ordinary brushes, which can easily lead to loose contact between the brushes, causing phase loss, heating and other faults. It can be used in situations with low requirements and low current.

      AGC series slip ring type marine cable winches use radial slip rings, and the brushes are made of special alloy materials developed by our school – copper cobalt beryllium alloy materials. The maximum rated current can be up to 400A. It has high current, high conductivity, wear resistance, Corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free and other features. The AGC series slip ring type marine cable winch is easy to use, has a reasonable structure and is reliable in operation. It greatly reduces the work intensity of retracting and unwinding cables. It is an ideal shore power supporting equipment for modern ships.



  • The slip ring type marine cable winch adopts a radial slip ring mechanism; 
  • The brush is made of copper-cobalt-beryllium alloy material, which has the characteristics of high current, high conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and maintenance-free; 
  • Input port: The cable on the drum is connected to the terminal in the drum through the stuffing box on the drum; 
  • Output port: The terminal on the slip ring assembly is connected to the shore power box on the boat through the output port stuffing box;
  • The cable reel is equipped with a stopping device. After the cable is dragged into place, the cable reel can be locked to ensure reliable conduction. 
  • The “coil reel connection cavity” and “winch connection box” adopt a watertight structure and use stuffing box threading holes to ensure that the protection level reaches IP56.

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