Working principle and application of gas-electric combination slip ring

        The gas-electric combination slip ring is a common transmission device that transmits electrical signals to rotating parts and has the function of supplying and discharging gas media. Gas-electric combination slip rings are used in fields such as industrial automation, automobile manufacturing, and medical equipment. Through the transmission of electrical signals and gases, gas-electric combination slip rings provide stable and efficient solutions for the transmission and control of various types of equipment.

1.Working principle of gas-electric combination slip ring

        Pneumatic slip rings are mainly composed of collector rings, conductive contacts and rotating parts. The collector ring and the conductive contact are connected through a gas channel. When the rotating part starts to rotate, the contact between the conductive contact and the slip ring brings about the transmission of electrical signals. At the same time, gas is supplied to the rotating parts through the gas channel, and the exhaust channel inside the slip ring exhausts the gas.

2.Application areas of gas-electric combination slip rings

  1. Industrial automation

      Gas-electric combination slip rings are widely used in various industrial automation equipment, such as robots, automated production lines, etc. Through pneumatic slip rings, electrical signals and gas supply can be transmitted, making the transmission and control of equipment more stable and efficient.

2. Automobile manufacturing

      In the automotive manufacturing process, combinations are used to transmit signals and power to achieve various control and transmission functions. For example, a gas-electric combination slip ring can be used for electric adjustment of car seats to achieve free adjustment of the seat without damaging the wires.

3. Medical equipment

      The field of medical equipment has high requirements for stable electrical signal transmission and gas supply. The application of gas-electric combination slip rings makes the operation of medical equipment more accurate and reliable. For example, rotating parts in medical imaging equipment can transmit signals and supply gas through pneumatic slip rings to ensure stable operation of the equipment during rotation.

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