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       The modern textile industry is a highly automated and technology-intensive industry. In order to improve production efficiency and performance, textile machinery and equipment use various advanced technologies, including slip ring technology. A slip ring is a rotating interface used to transmit power, signals and data, and it plays an important role in the textile production process. Textile machinery is mainly divided into chemical fiber type and cotton spinning type, and cotton spinning machinery covers blowroom, carding machine, blowing and carding unit, combing machine, draw frame, roving frame, spinning frame, winding machine, and doubling frame , rotor spinning and other types, many of these machines need to install slip rings.

       The rotating mechanism of large winding machines needs to be equipped with conductive slip rings. Winding is the last process of yarn processing and the first process of weaving. In addition, there are multiple mechanisms operating simultaneously on the winding machine, so the stability requirements of various components including slip rings are very high. 

       Ingiant Technology has a strong ability to control the working stability of slip rings and can develop different types of slip rings according to different use environments, including ordinary electrical signal integrated slip rings and electrical and hydraulic Gigabit network combination slip rings.

       The slip rings used on winding machines are mostly disc type and hollow shaft type. Both types of slip rings can integrate signal and power transmission and are moderately sized without taking up much space. Ingiant Technology’s entire series of hollow shaft slip rings are available in different hole diameters, and can also be designed to be solid based on actual conditions. The same is true for disc-type slip rings, except that disc-type slip rings also have the option of split type and integrated type. Due to the working mechanism of the winding machine, its operating environment will inevitably produce some fine cotton dust, so the separated disc slip ring without a protective structure is not suitable.

       The most obvious difference between hollow shaft slip rings and disc slip rings is the different arrangement of copper rings. The hollow shaft slip ring adopts a stack layout, while the disk slip ring adopts a concentric circular layout. This structural design can make the slip ring occupy a lower height of the equipment. Under the same current size and number of channels, the hollow shaft slip ring can The diameter is made very small, and the thickness of the disc slip ring can be kept to the minimum. If the winding machine has strict axial space restrictions, you can choose an integral disc slip ring; if you need to install the slip ring on the transmission shaft and the length of the slip ring is not strictly limited, then a hollow shaft slip ring with a longer life That’s the first choice.

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