Since the device transmitting high current conduction is the first consideration, the contact material and the contact and installation method of the brush are to ensure the reliable contact and service life of the high current conductive ring under working conditions. Secondly, the installation performance of the conductive ring can ensure normal installation. Since the high current conductive ring needs to be used in a seawater environment, its shell material must be corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

The main components of the conductive ring, the ring body and the brush, are the key components of the conductive ring. The surface is plated with thick gold as the electrical contact material. The brushes mainly include leaf spring brushes and linear spring brushes, as well as brush blocks composed of metal and graphite. It produces high current density and minimal wear, but has a large resistance. The leaf spring brush is more suitable for use in high-speed environments. The linear brush wire has excellent elasticity and conductivity. Combining the characteristics of the above various brushes, a certain number of brush bundles are finally used as the final brush. The insulator can use PBT as the insulating material, which has excellent dielectric properties, chemical resistance, fatigue resistance and lubricity. In terms of mechanical structure, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the high current of the conductive ring, and it is necessary to fully consider the electrical insulation, installation and maintenance performance during the design.

Options for high current conductive slip rings:

  1. Current, voltage;
  2. Wire length;
  3. Number of channels;
  4. Signals and power can be transmitted separately or mixed;
  5. Protection level;
  6. Connection terminals;
  7. Outlet direction;

Product advantages of high current conductive slip rings:

  1. 360° continuous rotation to transmit power or data signals;
  2. Compact appearance.
  3. The current can be as high as several hundred amperes;
  4. Compatible with data bus protocols;
  5. Select top imported graphite alloys;
  6. Ultra-long life, maintenance-free, no lubrication required;

Typical applications of high current conductive slip rings:

  1. Magnetic actuators, process control equipment, turntable sensors, emergency lighting, robots, radars, etc.;
  2. Manufacturing and control equipment.
  3. Industrial machinery-machining centers, rotary tables, lifting equipment towers, winding wheels, testing equipment, packaging machinery, etc.;

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