Slip ring is an electrical component that is responsible for connecting, transmitting energy and signals to a rotating body. According to the transmission medium, slip rings are divided into electric slip rings, fluid slip rings, and smooth rings, which can also be collectively referred to as “rotational connection” or “rotational connection”. Slip rings are usually installed at the rotation center of the equipment and are mainly composed of two parts: rotating and stationary. The rotating part connects to the rotating structure of the equipment and rotates with it, which is called the “rotor”, and the stationary part connects to the energy of the fixed structure of the equipment, which is called the “stator”.

In modern times, in the high-end field of industrial equipment, there are many requirements for multiple relative motions such as revolution and rotation. That is, while the mechanical equipment rotates 360° continuously, multiple motions are also required on the rotating body. If there is motion, energy is required, such as electrical energy, fluid pressure energy, etc. Sometimes, it is also necessary to control the signal source, such as optical fiber signals, high-frequency signals, etc. Any electrical components that rotate 360° continuously relative to each other need to transmit different energy media such as functional power, weak current signals, optical signals, air pressure, water pressure, oil pressure, etc. to ensure that the electrical equipment can move freely during rotation. Rotational connection devices must be used.


Slip rings are mostly used in high-end industrial electrical equipment or precision electronic equipment with multi-function, high performance, high precision and multi-element continuous rotation motion, such as aerospace equipment, radar communication equipment, medical equipment, automatic processing equipment, smelting equipment, mining equipment, cable equipment, amusement equipment, display equipment, smart cameras, chemical reactors, crystal furnaces, wire stranding machines, windmills, robotic arms, robots, shield machines, revolving doors, measuring instruments, aircraft models, special vehicles, special ships, etc. Slip rings provide reliable energy and signal transmission solutions for these electromechanical equipment to achieve complex motion. It can also be said that slip rings are the symbol of advanced intelligent motion equipment.


Slip rings can also be made into various special shapes according to the usage conditions, mixed transmission of power supply, light source, fluid pressure source, or assembled with other electrical components, such as: special special shapes, oversized shapes, conjoined gears, sprockets, pulleys, plugs, power supply and light source mixed, power supply and pressure fluid mixed, equipped with light, electricity, sound, temperature sensors, fiber optic transceivers, pressure gauges, pneumatic components, etc., combined into a multifunctional electrical assembly to achieve special requirements of saving space and simplifying design structure.

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