DHS030-35 Solid shaft 30mm series 3.0 USB slip ring for machine vision

3.0 USB slip ring-DHS030 series

Standard 1-3 USB signals, maximum 5 channels

USB slip ring is a slip ring that transmits USB signals. USB2.0 slip rings are widely used in various communication systems because USB interfaces are very common in high-definition videos and ultra-large storage devices. The new generation standard 3.0USB conductive slip ring has a theoretical transmission rate of up to 5Gbps.


  • Plug and play USB interface connector
  • Type A, Type B and micro connectors available
  • Military-grade ring surface treatment process
  • No crosstalk between power signals, compliant with EMC standards
  • Stable transmission, no packet loss, low insertion loss

Ingiant USB slip rings can be used to transmit USB1.0, USB2.0, USB3.0 data signals, and can mix electrical power channels and signal channels. They have stable transmission, no packet loss, no serial coding, small return loss, and small insertion loss. It provides a perfect technical solution for large-capacity and high-speed transmission between rotatingly connected system components. It has been used in machine vision, high-speed data acquisition and transmission, industrial cameras, digital TVs, VR and test turntables, etc. Areas requiring high-rate data transmission.