DHS055-25-3A Customized USB slip ring transmit USB3.0 signals and 3A electrical power

USB Slip rings for USB and electrical power/signal transmission

DHS055-25-3A series USB slip ring, solid flange design, 1-channel USB3.0 integral precision conductive slip ring with an outer diameter of 55mm and an integral structure.


USB slip ring is specially designed for USB signals and is used to transmit USB2.0 and USB3.0 signals. It has the advantages of stable transmission, no packet loss, no aliasing, small return loss, and low insertion loss.

  • USB slip rings can mix electrical power channels and signal channels.
  • Up to 8 USB channels can be transmitted simultaneously.
  • Integral precision conductive slip ring with all-aluminum alloy structure, providing direct plug-in and pull-out of USB male and female connectors, military plating technology, precious metal + super-hard gold plating, ultra-low BER bit error rate and ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio.


 USB slip rings can offer you the following advantages:

  • Thoughtful, innovative design
  • Robust housing made of sturdy aluminium
  • High load capacity
  • Rotates up to 600 revolutions per minute
  • Finished with gold-gold contacts
  • Available in many variants
  • Standardly in protection class IP51, higher on request
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