DHS078-9-2A-1Q hybrid slip ring solid shaft 9 channels 2A with 1 pneumatic channel

Functionality of Capsulated Slip Rings

Encapsulated miniature slip rings consist of a rotating and a stationary part. A series of contact rings are attached to the rotor, which are insulated from each other. To the inside, the contact rings are connected with an insulated cable, which is led out of the slip ring to the front. Signal cables also run in at the stator part, which end in sliding contacts.

Ingoing and outgoing cables always have identical colours, so that confusion-free assignment during installation is guaranteed. The sliding contacts touch the contact rings of the rotor inside the slip ring. The contacts are reinforced by a spring, which ensures reliable signal transmission within the technical parameters of the component.

No matter at what angle the rotor is turned in relation to the stator, the transmission of signal or power current is always maintained in this way. The encapsulation serves to shield the sensitive inner workings of the slip rings from external interference.

Everything that goes into a slip ring is a part of the design.All you have to take care of during installation is that the slip ring is positioned exactly in one axis with the rotating component. For this purpose, robust flanges with pre-drilled guides for the retaining screws are often attached to the encapsulated miniature slip rings.