Ingiant non-standard customization hybrid slip ring 85mm 63channels with 4 fiber optic

Product characteristics

  • Suitable for 360° rotation transmission signal and power, such as control signal, video signal, HD signal, Ethernet, sensor signal, etc
  • Military standard quality, gold – to – gold contact and beam brush process
  • Low torque, low loss, low contact resistance, long life
  • Optional standardized products with or without flange
  • Integrated structure design, convenient installation

Cap type slip rings are usually compact in structure and have flanges, while small volumes without flanges are derived into capsule slip rings and micro slip rings.  Used for power, signal, and data transmission between fixed and rotating components, consisting of basic components such as casing, brush, electric ring, injection shaft, etc.  The cap type conductive slip ring is usually smaller than the through hole slip ring and is mainly used for transmitting weak current, weak voltage, and precision signals.  The cap type slip ring is extremely easy to install and is widely used in small and medium-sized equipment, such as high-speed ball machines, smart toys, stage lighting, drones, and so on.