DHS055-49-1S Ingiant 55mm high frequency slip ring with 1 channel high frequency rotary joint and electric signal

DHS055-49-1S high frequency slip ring is a single channel high frequency rotary joint + electrical hybrid slip ring. High frequency slip ring is a product specially developed to meet the transmission of high-speed serial digital signals or analog signals. The maximum transmission rate can reach 40GHz. This series of products supports the transmission of a single-channel high-frequency signal alone, and can also support the mixed transmission of high-frequency signals with 24V control signals, communication signals, power supplies, and fluid media. The high-frequency signal uses a 50Ω characteristic impedance RF coaxial structure head. (Other specified connectors can be transferred, and the wire specifications RG178, RG316, RG174, etc. are optional)


  • Supports 1, 2, 3, 5 high frequency channels
  • Can mix 1~72 power/signals.
  • Perfect VSWR
  • Suitable for large-capacity data transmission without delay
  • High-speed transmission of ultra-high-definition video data
  • Widely used in satellites, radars, mobile antennas, mobile communications and other equipment