DHS058-60-4F Photoelectric slip ring for high speed spherical camera

Photoelectric slip ring, using optical fiber as data transmission media, provides the best technical solution for data transmission between rotating connected system components. Optical fiber slip ring is especially suitable for application in the need of unlimited, continuous or intermittent rotation, but also need to transfer large capacity data and signals from the fixed position to the rotation position, can improve the mechanical properties, simplify the system operation, avoid the rotation of movable joints to the optical fiber damage. Fiber optic slip rings can be used in combination with traditional electronic bushing rings to form a hybrid optoelectronic bushing ring to transmit power and high-speed data.

  • Single mode, multi-mode optional
  • Optical fiber connector Optional FC, SC, ST, SMA, or LC (PC and APC)
  • Optical fiber slip ring supports large-capacity data transmission.
  • Anti-electromagnetic interference