LHS170-2Y series 2 channels hydraulic rotary joint hydraulic slip ring

LHS170-2Y series 2 channels hydraulic rotary joint

  • 2-channel hydraulic rotary joint, can pass M5, G1/8, G1/4, G3/8, G1/2 large and small pipe diameters
  • And can mix power lines, signal lines, Ethernet, USB, industrial buses, control lines, solenoid valves, induction lines, etc.
  • The standard is flange installation, 2 in and 2 out rotary joints, 2-way hydraulic slip ring, hydraulic and electric combined slip ring, and can be customized for hollow shaft installation.
  • The media that can pass through are: compressed air, hydrogen, nitrogen, chemical mixed gas, steam, cooling water, hot water, hot oil, petroleum, sulfuric acid, beverages, etc.


Typical applications:

Industrial equipment, industrial booths, electrical testing equipment, medical equipment, robots, testing instruments, turntables, automation equipment, etc.;