DHS030-45-2A-2Y hybrid hydraulic slip ring combined 45channels 2A electrical and 2channels hydraulic rotary unions

Hydraulic slip ring is a device used to transmit compressed air, cooling water, hydraulic oil, thermal oil and other fluid media between two relatively rotating pipes. It is also called a hydraulic rotary joint. It is currently widely used in hydraulic systems of large machinery and equipment.

Hydraulic slip rings are divided into single channel, double channel and multi-channel according to the number of channels. They can be connected to M5; Different sizes, special slip rings can be customized.

Hydraulic slip rings have the following advantages:

  • It has multiple functions such as transmitting fluid, transmitting torque and rotation signals.
  • It has the advantages of smooth operation, low noise and long service life.
  • Can adapt to harsh working environments such as high temperature and high pressure.
  • The hydraulic slip ring has good sealing performance and is not prone to leakage problems.

Hydraulic slip rings are widely used in metallurgy, aviation, aerospace, petrochemical, electric power, mining, environmental protection and other fields. It is especially widely used in heavy machinery equipment such as excavators, road rollers, and concrete pump trucks. Hydraulic slip rings can also be used in wind turbines, charging piles and other fields.