Ingiant pneumatic rotary joint 1 channels for engineering machines

Product maintenance

  • The rotating joint drum and the inside of the pipe shall be kept clean. Special attention shall be paid to new equipment. If necessary, a filter shall be added to avoid abnormal wear of rotating joints caused by foreign matters.
  • As the machine will not be used for a long time, it will cause scaling and rusting inside the rotary joint. Please note that if the machine is reused, it will get stuck or drip.
  • If there is an oil filling device, please fill oil regularly to ensure the reliability of the rotating joint bearing.
  • The rotating joint of fluid medium shall be gradually heated to avoid sudden temperature change.
  • Check the wear condition and thickness change of the sealing surface (generally, the normal wear is 5–10mm); Observe the friction track of the sealing surface to see if there are three intermittent points, scratches and other problems. If there is any problem, replace it immediately.
  • The rotary joint shall be handled with care and shall not be impacted to avoid loss of joint components.
  • It is forbidden for foreign matters to enter the inside of the rotary joint.
  • Do not idle the rotary joint for a long time.