Ingiant rotary slip ring 5A 10A 20A miniature 30 circuits over propeller slip ring

Which slip rings are used in automotive engineering?


The multi-channel rotating unions from Ingiant can be individually configured for wheeled and tracked excavators. This allows vehicles with a rotating superstructure and hydraulic propulsion and at least one hydroelectric feedthrough in the undercarriage to have motors and hydraulic power units installed in the rotating superstructure.

The rotating motors of the undercarriage, brakes or steering are still reliably supplied with hydraulic pressure or compressed air. This is particularly important for large hydraulic excavators or cranes, as they have correspondingly large hydraulic units that are easier to install in the upper part of the machine.

While tracked excavators often only require between four and six ducts for the two oil motors and hydraulic power unit, wheeled excavators need rotary unions with considerably more ducts for motors, brakes, dozer blade, steering and support.

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