Ingiant capsule slip ring 30mm 32 channels for welding equipment

Advanced Rotating

In recent years, technological advances in materials, design and manufacturing have helped slip rings become more powerful and reliable. For example, there are now slip rings that can reliably transmit power and signals as well as media such as fluids, gases and compressed air. These slip rings thus combine the function of a rotary union and a classic electrical slip ring.

The capsule slip ring from ingiant is one of these multifunctional slip rings. Until now, these slip rings were only available in large and heavy formats.

With the capsule slip ring Slip Ring, Ingiant now offers these high-performance components in a compact version with a diameter of 36mm. This gives users, especially designers of hydropneumatic systems and hydraulic components, completely new design options.
Overall, the development of slip rings is an active area of research that is constantly making progress and opening up new applications.