When the Mid-Autumn Festival meets National Day,                                                                         the family and the country celebrate together

     The Mid-Autumn Festival is here, and the National Day is coming too. “Home” and “country” are closely connected, and traditional culture is closely related, which makes people think about home and country and feel grateful. In these 74 years of glorious history, China has steadily moved towards prosperity step by step and become one of the most influential countries in the world. Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, as sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, we feel extremely proud.

Survive by service

      Jiujiang INGIANT Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2014. It mainly produces various types of rotary connectors, such as: electric rotary connectors, optical rotary connectors, fluid rotary connectors, high-frequency microwave rotary connectors and other combination rotary connectors. We are committed to solving the problems in rotation conduction of various signal media such as electricity, light, gas, liquid, high-frequency microwave, etc., and provide complete product technical support and supporting services around various products. The company has always used professional technology to solve problems for our customers. , Use the scientific concept of development to settle down the enterprise, use high-quality products to promote industry progress, strive to create greater value for customers, and achieve sustainable business operations.

Promote development through innovation

      Since the establishment of the company, with the joint efforts of the company’s core team, INGIANT Technology has gone through stages of hard work, transformation and upgrading, system formation, and culture cultivation, and has established a “customer-centric, talent-based, and quality-based survival” philosophy. , promote development through science and technology” business policy, the company has currently completed the construction of Wuhan R&D center and expert workstation, and has long-term cooperation models with various high-end colleges and universities in industry, academia and research.

        Through continuous innovation, we actively improve product technical capabilities, enhance the company’s competitive advantage in the industry, expand market survival space, and create a good foundation for building a first-class high-tech enterprise with significant influence and competitiveness.

      The Mid-Autumn Festival is over, the country is peaceful and the people are safe. On this prosperous festival, all employees of Jiujiang INGIANT Technology Co., Ltd. wish friends from all walks of life a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wish our motherland prosperity, peace and prosperity!

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