Application of ingiant technology slip ring in LED display


      The perfect combination of LED advertising and traditional three-sided flip makes outdoor media advertising have the effect of spray-painting pictures, color screen motion pictures and video playback, which is called LED three-sided flip. Spray-painted surface is used during the day, and the three prisms are rotated to use LED display screen at night. When rotated, the connecting wires of the display screen are easily wound and worn. Therefore, how to supply and transmit signals to display panels becomes a very important problem.

 How to solve this problem?

      Our company Jiujiang Ingiant has developed a special conductive slip ring HRT000-0230-16S for several famous three-sided turn-over enterprises in China. It is installed at the end of the triangular prism. The slip ring provides two passage 30A power transmission for the display screen and signal transmission for the display screen. This solves the problem of the winding of the display screen during the rotation process.

       This type of slip ring is specially designed for two-side flip, three-side flip LED display, with stable transmission, no packet loss, no string code, small size, light weight and other advantages, welcome to order!

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