Visual fish anchor conductive slip ring– Visual fish wheel slip ring

        When fishing, I don’t know whether the fish has bitten the hook. I pull up the fishing rod and find that the fish has not bitten the hook, which makes me regretful. At this time, if you want to be able to clearly see the scene where the fish is biting the hook, and then determine the timing of pulling the rod, the success rate of fishing will be much improved. This function can be achieved with a visual fish anchor.

        The visual fishing reel is a fishing rod with a visual system. This system uses tensile wires instead of fishing lines. A waterproof camera is installed on one end of the wires. In addition to transmitting the captured underwater conditions back to the monitor in real time, the camera enables Fishermen can clearly see the activities of fish schools underwater on the display. The shell also has a fixing device for the anchor fish hook, and the conductive slip ring is on the take-up wheel on the visual fish anchor.

        The conductive slip ring of the visual fish anchor solves the problem of rotating conductivity of the line retracting device of the visual fish anchor, making visual fishing feasible, which brings unparalleled fun to anglers. The slip rings produced by INGIANT Technology for visual fish anchors are mainly small-diameter ultra-miniature series slip rings. Customers can choose the corresponding number of slip rings according to actual needs. This series of slip rings uses gold-on-gold contacts. , the electrical performance is very excellent, and its working voltage is 48VDC.

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