DHS065-28-1Q Gas electric slip ring 65mm with 1 gas channel 0.4Mpa and 28channels power signals

Gas electric slip ring DHS065-28-1Q has an outer diameter of 65mm, integrates 4 channels of 5A (Peak value 15A) power ring, 24 channels of signals, 1 channel of 0.4Mpa compressed air, flange installation, 360° rotation to transmit power, signal, and gas, and has a long service life Up to 6000W revolution.


  • 360-degree rotation to transmit gas, power signal and other media at the same time
  • Supports 1~128 power lines or signal lines.
  • Standard interfaces include G1/8″, G3/8″, etc.
  • The size of the gas pipe can be determined according to customer requirements.
  • Can transmit compressed air, vacuum, hydraulic oil, water, hot water, coolant, steam and other media.
  • Special requirements such as high speed and high pressure can be customized according to requirements.

Typical applications:

Automated non-standard equipment, lithium battery equipment, mobile phone testing equipment, high-end mobile phone equipment, various laser equipment, coating machines, diaphragm coating equipment, packaging film equipment for soft-pack batteries, laminating equipment, electronic semiconductor industrial automation equipment; optoelectronic flat panel displays, industrial automation equipment, testing equipment, other automated non-standard professional equipment, etc.