DHS078-57-1Q Single-channel pneumatic rotary joint pneumatic electrical slip rings diameter 78mm flange installation

Pneumatic electrical slip rings:1 Passage Pneumatic + Electrical slip ring

Pneumatic electrical slip rings are devices that allow the transmission of electrical signals and power while also accommodating the flow of pressurized air or other gases. It has the advantages of small size, light weight and low torque. Can rotate 360 degrees to transmit various gas media such as compressed air, steam, vacuum, etc


  • Single channel electrical integrated slip ring, outer diameter 78mm; Combines 57 channels of power supply or signals
  • Support M5, G1 / 8, G1 / 4, G3 / 8, G1 / 2, G3 / 4, G1 thread for pneumatic
  • Dynamic sealing technology
  • Imported high-precision bearings
  • Wear-resistant, high speed, low torque
  • Can mix power lines, signal lines, Ethernet, industrial buses, control lines, solenoid valves, induction lines, etc.;
  • The standard is flange installation, and hollow shaft installation can be customized;