DHS080-43-1S RF conductive slip ring 1-channel RF + 43-channel power signal

Product features of 1-channel RF + 43-channel power signal combination RF conductive slip ring:

  •  Industrial grade -40℃~+85℃ temperature range;
  •  Automated production of key nodes, with extremely high reliability and consistency;
  •  Compact structure design, smooth operation and low torque;
  •  The surface of the ring is very smooth, with a surface roughness of <0.5μm, which avoids the phenomenon of brush filament flashing and early powder accumulation;
  •  Low electrical noise, no electromagnetic interference, low loss, military-grade service life up to 20 million revolutions @350RPM;
  •  Military grade adopts wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant three-level super-hard gold technology, and its hardness, strength, wear resistance and conductivity are better than the international military standards for connector contacts;

Mainly used in rotating transmission of power, signals, radio frequency signals, etc. in intelligent industry, satellite radar, communication on the move, and radar antennas.

Transmission signal:
A variety of media combination transmissions can be integrated.