Hybrid slip rings combination 28 electrical channels combination 2-way single-mode fiber

Hybrid slip rings photoelectric slip ring is an innovative combination of optical fiber slip ring and electric slip ring, which can not only transmit large-capacity data, but also transmit electric power, medium and low frequency electrical signals, etc., to meet the requirements of electromechanical systems.

Through the optimized structure, INGIANT Technology’s photoelectric slip ring combines the optical fiber slip ring and the electric slip ring, which can ensure the synchronous rotation of the optical fiber slip ring and the electric slip ring, and the structure is reliable and stable.

Ingiant technology fiber optic slip rings can be used in extremely harsh environments such as low temperature and high pressure. And it is not affected by electromagnetism, and can work stably for a long time under the condition of high magnetic current interference to ensure the normal operation of the product.

Ingiant technology optical fiber slip ring can be used in any field that needs 360-degree rotation to transmit optical signals, and can also be used in various equipment that needs to transmit high-definition video signals, which can improve mechanical properties, simplify system operation, and avoid optical fiber damage caused by the rotation of movable joints . The standard optical fiber slip rings of Ingiant Technology are divided into single-channel and multi-channel optical fiber slip rings, which can be combined to conduct electricity and transmit other signals.