DHS056-9-2A customised solid shaft Ethernet slip rings with 9 circuits 2A stable transmission, no packet loss

DHS056 series Ethernet slip rings are specially developed and designed for 250MHZ signal transmission. While transmitting 1-2 Gigabit Ethernet signals, it can be combined with 1-30 power rings (2-20A), and the design can be customized according to actual needs.

Accept customization and transmit 100/1000M Ethernet signals

Insertion loss, return loss and crosstalk are three important parameters of Ethernet slip rings. Ethernet slip rings are made of reliable precious metal materials and aluminum casings. Mature and stable technology enables the production of slip rings with remarkable features such as stable transmission, no packet loss, anti-crosstalk, large return loss and small insertion loss


Characteristics of Ethernet slip rings

  • It can mix transmission power, current, data signal and other channels and work together with gas, liquid and electric rotary joints;
  • It can transmit Ethernet 10M or 100M or 1000M BaseT, and can also transmit 8 Ethernet channels at the same time;
  • Can mix and transmit different types of signals such as USB, HDMI, optical fiber, etc.;
  • It has no packet loss, no serialization, low loss, stable performance and long working life;

Ethernet slip rings are suitable for electromechanical devices that conduct electricity without restriction and transmit various data signals and currents. Widely used in video surveillance systems, network cables, serial communications and other fields



Application areas of Ethernet slip rings:

  1. Test equipment:Testing instruments, centrifugal test benches, separators
  2. Robot:Process control equipment, packaging equipment, stackers, molding machines
  3. Exhibition/display equipment:Revolving door, product exhibition stand, car exhibition stand, revolving restaurant
  4. 4.Medical equipment:Helicopters, shadowless operating lights, radar communication equipment