DHS064-29 Ethernet Slip Rings – High-End Rotating Conductive Ethernet Slip Rings Solution

DHS064 series Ethernet slip rings are specially developed and designed for 250MHZ signal transmission. While transmitting 1-2 Gigabit Ethernet signals, it can be combined with 1-30 power rings (2-20A), and the design can be customized according to actual needs.

Ethernet slip rings transmit power and Ethernet signals from fixed structures to rotating structures through the contact between precious metal rings and brush wires. This type of signal slip ring can mix power and signals, and can also transmit multi-channel low-frequency signals and currents. Suitable for 10/100/1000 Base T transmission and equipped with RJ45 plug-and-play plug, optional M12, CAT5E, CAT6 type cables. Gigabit Ethernet slip rings are used in wind turbines, industrial robots, and radar antennas, among others.


  • It has the advantages of stable transmission, no packet loss, anti-crosstalk, large return loss and low insertion loss.
  • Fiber brush bundle contact structure ensures product life
  • Stable transmission of 1-2 channels of Gigabit Ethernet signals
  • Integrated structural design for easy installation
  • Protection grade IP51-IP68 optional
  • Provide standard models and can be customized
  • RJ45 male and female connector optional
  • Use high-quality Ethernet cables
  • Maintenance-free