DHK120-25 Network HD Ethernet slip ring large pore size through hole slip ring

100BaseT Ethernet slip ring:

DHK120-25 network high-definition slip ring is a standard through-hole slip ring and Ethernet combination product, providing 25 transmission channels (the number of channels can be expanded), 10A/channel transmission power or signal and combined Ethernet communication; used for 10 / 100BaseT Ethernet This type of Ethernet communication.

The Ethernet cable provides two connection methods with Rj45 jack and Cat line for convenient connection. For transmitting high-definition video, high-speed digital and other signals. Standard Ethernet slip rings include solid shaft Ethernet and through-hole Ethernet, which have the characteristics of stable transmission, no packet loss, no aliasing, low return loss, low insertion loss, and long life.




  • Modular design to meet higher current, speed, appearance and other needs
  • ETHERNET is fully compatible with IEE 802.3 format; provided with RJ45 jack
  • 10BaseT –100BaseTx –100BaseT2 –1000BaseT
  • Supports transmission of power and data signals and high-speed digital signal mixed transmission