DHS070-4-2A-4Q Ingiant gas-electric hybrid slip ring combination 4 channels 2A and 4 pneumatic channel

  • 4 in and 4 out, 4-way gas/gas-electric hybrid rotary joint, gas-electric hybrid slip ring, with G3/8″
  • And it can optionally pass through power lines, signal lines, industrial buses, and control lines at the same time.
  • Solenoid valve, induction line, etc.
  • Standard is flange mounting type
  • The media that can pass through are: compressed air, vacuum and other gases

Gas-electric hybrid slip ring is a high-end rotary joint that effectively integrates the functions of a conductive slip ring to transmit electricity, data, signals, Ethernet, and USB, and integrates the advantages of a pneumatic rotary joint to transmit gas, oil, and liquid. The one-piece design of the electric combined slip ring effectively integrates the circuit and the gas circuit into one, reducing the space for the equipment and realizing the simultaneous 360-degree infinite rotation transmission of power medium, fluid medium, and gas medium.

Typical applications:

Automated non-standard equipment, lithium battery equipment, mobile phone testing equipment, high-end mobile phone equipment, various laser equipment, coating machines, coating separator equipment, packaging film equipment for soft pack batteries, bonding equipment, laminating equipment, electronic semiconductors Industrial automation equipment; photoelectric flat panel display (LCD/LCM/TP/OLED/PDP) industrial automation equipment, testing equipment, other automated non-standard professional equipment, etc.