Ingiant space-saving capsulated slip rings 7 channels with 2 fiber optic for Robots

Robots are designed according to the requirements of the respective production situation. This often requires multi-axis systems that move the production material to the predefined positions. The Ingiant slip rings from INGIANT have been designed to transmit the power and data of the individual drives and to connect the sensors in all sections of the robot arm. Fast rotation speeds, maintenance-free design, high temperature resistance and extremely compact dimensions are the distinguishing features of our Ingiant slip rings.

Typical robot applications for slip rings include:

pick and place robots for waver production
waterproof small robots for machine tools
clean room robots for food and pharmaceutical
palletizing robots for various handling tasks
lightweight robots for man-machine cooperation
industrial robots for automotive production, welding robots
Medical robots for surgical technology
Inspection robots for pipelines and pipes