DHS024-20-002 HD-SDI conductive slip rings HD media equipment interface conductive slip ring

HD-SDI Conductive Slip Ring – DHS Series

HD-SDI conductive slip rings are based on HD multimedia interfaces and are used for the rotational transmission of uncompressed audio and video signals. High-definition video slip rings include HDMI slip rings, SDI slip rings, 1080P conductive slip rings, etc., which are widely used in new technology fields such as radio and television, photography, video, and VR.

   Customize various types of high-definition signals, standard DC-3GHz frequency, high-definition conductive slip ring supports HDMI/SDI/VGA signal transmission, up to 10.2Gbps bandwidth.


  • Contact gold to gold contact
  • Support 1080P, 720P video signals
  • Light weight, compact structure, small installation space requirement
  • Stable performance, no packet loss and crosstalk, small insertion loss and large return loss