DHK022-24 22mm through hole HD slip ring transmit HD (1080P) video signals and ordinary signals

DHK022-24 HD slip ring is specially designed to transmit high-definition (1080P) video signals and ordinary signals. Designed to be combined with a rotary joint to transmit high-quality, uncompressed video signals

HD slip rings are based on HD multimedia interfaces and are used to rotate uncompressed audio and video signals. High-definition video slip rings include HDMI slip rings, SDI slip rings, 1080P conductive slip rings, etc., which are widely used in new technology fields such as radio and television, photography, video, and VR.



  • Using imported components and high-frequency signal processing technology,
  • Under 360° continuous rotation, transmit 1080P, HD-SDI video and current and signals;
  • Less noise, long life;
  • Low torque, smooth rotation;
  • Electrical noise is <0.01Ω and supports DC~3GHz high-rate data.
  • The product adopts military surface treatment technology and super-hard gold plating to ensure extremely low resistance fluctuation and long working life.


Typical applications

Monitoring pan/tilt, automatic arm, medical equipment, Rotary index table, production line, industrial processing equipment