DHS130-11 Customized conductive slip ring diameter 130mm 11 channels specially designed for electric drive excavators

A large number of construction machinery, such as cranes, truck-mounted cranes, excavators, etc., need to be rotated 360° to improve work efficiency and increase their operating range. To achieve this function of continuous rotation, a conductive slip ring is required.

The application of conductive slip rings in excavators is mainly used to transmit electrical signals and data signals in order to realize the control and monitoring of various functions. Specifically, it can transmit signals generated by the engine, hydraulic system, electrical equipment, etc. to the cab or other monitoring equipment. At the same time, during the operation of the excavator, the slip ring can also provide a stable and reliable power supply to the vehicle to ensure its normal operation.



  • Compact structure and flexible installation;
  • High shock-proof structure, low temperature resistance;
  • The power can reach 6 0 0 A and the wiring method is flexible;
  • Precious metal bundled fiber brushes have good conductivity and low transmission loss;
  • High reliability, can work uninterrupted for a long time, and is maintenance-free during its lifespan;
  • It can be designed with encoder, potentiometer, angle limit and other functions as required.