DHS045-40-002 45mm HD-SDI slip ring 1080P HD signal slip ring flange installation

HD-SDI slip ring 1080P HD signal sliding ring flange installation

DHS045-40-002 HD-SDI slip ring is specially designed to transmit high-definition (1080P) video signals and ordinary signals. Support 2 channels HD-SDI high definition signal (coaxial cable). It can be combined with the rotary joint to transmit uncompressed high-quality video signals.

Stable transmission of 2K/4K/1080P resolution high-definition video signals

High bandwidth, up to 10.2Gbps, support HDMI1.4 version

High rate, up to 2.97Gbps, support 3G-SDI

Optoelectronic combination, optoelectronic transmission supporting solutions

Product Features

  • Using imported components and high-frequency signal processing technology from the United States, it transmits 1080P, HD-SDI video, current and signals under 360° continuous rotation;
  • Lower noise, long life; low torque, smooth rotation;
  • Electrical noise <0.01Ω, supports DC~3GHz high-speed data.
  • The product adopts the US military surface treatment process and super-hard gold plating treatment to ensure extremely low resistance fluctuation and ultra-long working life.

Typical applications

  • HD monitoring system
  • HD video photography
  • Radar communication
  • VR real scene