Ingiant DHK series hollow shaft slip rings have 16 channels and bore diameter 48mm

Custom hollow shaft slip rings

Small, medium and large slip rings with hollow shaft and high-quality bearing technology for long service life and high rotation speeds. Standardised and modularised design.Combined power and signal versions possible.


The encapsulation protects the inner workings of the slip rings against the following disturbances, depending on the level of protection and enclosure material:

-Intrusion of dust

-Ingress of moisture

-Electrical interference



-Shocks, blows and vibrations

1. Military equipment
2. Medical equipment, CT
3. Wind power generation equipment
4. Manufacture and control equipment
5. Exhibition/display equipment
6. Robots, robotic arms, radar antennas, VR
7. Magnetic actuator, turntable test sensor
8. Construction machinery, testing equipment, packaging machinery, environmental protection equipment


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